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Ewa Jozefkowicz

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A bit of creativity in the holidays

Today was one of those amazing days – blossom on the trees, sun in the sky, people walking around in short sleeves for the first time this year. And I also had the great pleasure of doing my first creative writing workshop. As a child, I was a real nerd and I absolutely loved spending my school holidays in the kid’s section of the bookstore in which my dad worked, so I was eggstatic (sorry, too easy) to spend this holiday in my local Waterstones in Angel, London, with some really awesome young readers, who also proved to be great writers.

We talk about the emotions that are associated with different colours, and did a writing exercise based around a colour of our choice. We also discussed what makes a really believable character and wrote some gripping opening paragraphs. I’m always blown away by the brilliant ideas that many children have for stories, and every time I do one of these workshops, I’ll keep encouraging them to write them down! You never know which one will develop into an amazing book a few years down the line…