Bigfoot Mountain - Roderick O'Grady

Bigfoot Mountain - Roderick O'Grady

'Bigfoot Mountain' is the story of Minnie, a twelve year-old girl who lives in a cabin in the wilderness with her stepdad Dan. Grieving the recent loss of her mother, she distracts herself by setting out on adventures with her neighbour and best friend Billy, and his dog Musto. On one of these, the two of them come across a set of footprints that are far too big to have been made by any human, and Minnie is certain that they belong to the mythical Bigfoot, who has been known to roam the region.

Her practical-minded stepfather refuses to believe her. But on one of Minnie's solo expeditions in search of wild garlic, she falls down a rockface and loses consciousness only to later wake up lying in a safe, shielded spot with her wounds tended to. Who has come to her rescue? According to Minnie, there is only one possible explanation.

Meanwhile, Kaayii is struggling. His family has been forced to leave their original home as the part of the mountain on which they previously lived has been destroyed. He is working hard to both preserve his natural environment and to help his relatives get settled in a new area.

Kaayii and Minnie's lives unexpectedly intertwine and we as readers, have the chance to witness the same events from each of their perspectives.

The book contains beautiful descriptions of nature, and its important healing powers. For Minnie, her surroundings form a powerful bond connecting her to her mum:

Minnie had taken her first breath here. Her mom had taken her last. She stretched out her arms and looked up to her beautiful mountain, where she had always felt most at peace and where her mother loved to walk and sit and be.

She remembered scattering her mom's ashes on the water and how, as she had looked down into the sea, crying over the side of the canoe, her salty tears dropped into the water. Part of her mom, that was always part of Minnie, became part of this sea, which was part of every sea on the planet.

A unique story of friendship, hope and healing. Thoroughly recommended!