Kickstarting the summer reading challenge 2023!

Kickstarting the summer reading challenge 2023!

Hello, bookworms and adventure seekers! The summer holidays are here, and what better way to spend those sunny days than diving into captivating books? That's right, it's time for the Summer Reading Challenge 2023! If you're looking for an exciting reading adventure, you've come to the right place. I'll be sharing some great book recommendations and tips on getting young readers reading.

Recommended summer reading

Below are some of my personal recommendations:

  1. 'The House on the Edge' by Alex Cotter: Touches upon themes of love, loss, and hidden secrets. Follow Faith as she navigates the challenges of holding her family together amidst a tragedy and embarks on a mission to save their falling-apart home. This is a unique story with a touch of smuggler history!

  2. 'Glitter Boy' by Ian Eagleton: Prepare for an emotional journey as you meet James, an 11-year-old who is having a very difficult time. From his mum leaving to experiencing homophobic bullying at school, James must find his inner strength. When he discovers his involvement in a choir for his new teacher's wedding, hope flickers. However, secrets and pressures mount, and James loses his brilliant spark. Will he be able to rediscover himself?

  3. 'The Last Whale' by Chris Vick: Prepare to be transported into a thought-provoking tale that combines AI technology with the conservation of endangered species. Follow Abi, an eco-activist armed with an AI device named Moonlight, as she unravels her family's history and the significance of whale songs. This beautifully written story will leave a lasting impact.

  4. 'Where The River Takes Us' by Lesley Parr: Set in 1970s Wales, this captivating tale follows Jason and his friends on a quest to find the mythical Beast of Blaengarw. Join them on a heartfelt adventure filled with friendship, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Inspired by the film Stand By Me, this book is a true gem.

  5. 'The Boy Who Saved A Bear' by Nizrana Farook: Return to the enchanting island of Serendib in this thrilling tale starring twelve-year-old Nuwan who finds himself on an unexpected adventure, unlocking secrets and displaying bravery. This page-turner will keep you on the edge of your seat.

And if you're into mysteries, give my story 'The Dragon In The Bookshop' a try! It's a book about many things - a dragon, a dinosaur, a yellow-bellied lizard (and a girl who speaks to it in Portuguese), a peculiar old lady who lives up a cathedral turret and has mysterious holes in her sleeves… It’s about the power of books and the beauty of songs.

But it’s also a book about grief and the importance of having the right people around you to help you find yourself again when you’re struggling.

Top tips for engaging young readers

  1. Create a Reading Space: Designate a cosy reading nook or set up a picnic blanket under a tree in the garden. Make it inviting with cushions, blankets, and a basket of books. A special reading spot can make reading feel like an adventure.

  2. Set Reading Goals: Encourage children to set their own reading goals for the summer. Whether it's a certain number of books, pages, or genres, goals provide a sense of achievement and motivation.

  3. Library Visits: Take regular trips to the local library. Let children explore different genres, discover new authors, and engage in library activities. Librarians can recommend age-appropriate books and keep the reading momentum going.

  4. Family Book Club: Start a book club within the family. Choose a book to read together and set aside dedicated time to discuss it. Share thoughts, ask questions, and enjoy the collective reading experience.

  5. Reading Challenges: Create fun reading challenges with rewards. For example, challenge children to read a book from each genre, or set a challenge to read a book that inspired a movie they love. Celebrate their accomplishments with small incentives or a special treat.

    Remember, reading is not only educational but also a wonderful way to explore new worlds, expand imagination, and develop empathy. So, grab your favourite book, find a comfy spot, and let your imagination soar this summer!

Happy reading, adventurers!