The Train to Impossible Places - Book Review

The Train to Impossible Places - Book Review

I've been meaning to read this wonderful book for a very long time. It's been recommended to me by many, including most recently one of my nephews, so I decided that it was high time to dive in.

'The Train to Impossible Places' is a whirlwind of adventure, hilarity and mystery. It is packed with incredible characters, who take us on a journey through a myriad of impossible lands, each one stranger and more astonishing than the next.

It all starts when the heroine Suzy, a fairly average twelve-year-old from earth, wakes up in the middle of the night to find a trainline being built through her house. The tracks are being laid for the Impossible Postal Express, manned by a team of trolls. Despite protests from the gang onboard, Suzy jumps on, curious to see where the train will take her. Little does she know that she will soon be recruited by Postmaster Wilmott to be the newest postie:

"In an ideal world, I'd have a sorting team and a squad of posties to handle the deliveries. My grandfather was in charge of a dozen sorting cars like this one and a staff of a hundred trolls. My father had a staff of fifty. Of course, things were very different in those days, but I do my best."

During her very first delivery at Lady Crepuscula's, Suzy steals a snowglobe, having heard the voice of the boy trapped in it, and unwittingly unravels a chain of events that will make her journey through this strange new world even wilder and more perilous.

Come along for a fast-paced, thrilling ride!